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        A  SHORT Storyline Game about a YOUTUBER struggling to get a GOLD PLAY BUTTON but there is something strange happening to his PC and want to take a Survey?

  • 3 Different Endings.
  • Playtime:   30  - 60 mins! ( Average ).
  • Control:   [ ASWD ].
  • Interaction:  [ E ].
  • In-Game tutorial.

  • Nihad ( Brother )
  • Zahid
  • Ameer Zaib
Without you guys this game is unplayable! :)


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The game contains flashing lights,JumpScars,Strong Language and extreme gore which some audiences might find disturbing.

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Updated 1 day ago
Published 11 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Action
Made withBlender, Adobe Photoshop, Unity, Audacity
TagsAtmospheric, Creepy, Dark Fantasy, FPS, Horror, Psychological Horror, Short, Spooky, storygame
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, Interactive tutorial


Get this game and 2 more for $4.50 USD
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Very fun. Love the multiple endings. Keep up the great work!

Fun little game, good work :)

Really love the graphic and UI elements of this one; the opening sequence where our camera pans up the wall is really good actually. I like the textures used for game start and the menu a lot! The rest is entertaining enough - thanks for the game!

This game did exactly what it set out to do, but it was pretty funny. Look forward to seeing what else you make in the future!

Definitely had a spooky environment, I really enjoyed it! (here is my playthrough if anyone is interested! game starts at 6:43)

Pretty funny endings, and I actually got scared playing this 😂 wish there was more adventure, but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

But I  don't have any money in my hand now.

Email us at : nishadafridi007@gmail.com

This was a pretty well-crafted game even for how short is was. Enjoyed the endings.

Fun little game, good work :)


Great game, really got me with the explosion there but i loved it and i'll check out the QR code soon(Didn't have to to make thumbnail)

amazing game

Nice game. Could use some optimization and better scares. 



I founded 3 endings and 1 Glitch watch the whole vid if you wanna know all the tricks!

Cool Game


HELLO I GOT ALL ENDING! Each ending unexpected! I really enjoy play this game! keep it up!

Bruh but this game good

The explosion got me a little

Pretty funny endings, and I actually got scared playing this 😂 wish there was more adventure, but other than that I really enjoyed this game!

it's the hard-knock life

Interesting game. Very meta of you xD

This is too realistic.

Loved it!


I had issues trying to unlock the other endings through the survey. Only always got the kaboom ending. Also, having a checkpoint once you get to the apartment would've been helpful, so that I wouldn't have to constantly go through the tedious start of the game. Besides that, the scares were solid.

Comments below clip:

Questions, question, questions... Never liked them, especially when I don't know the answers to them :o]

Wicked game though. Enjoyed playing it. Kudos to all involved.

its okay, but this dude is a alpha male gamer if his all and even his monitor can game with no pc and cords lol 


hey man, I love the game this survey is on of the funniest survey I have ever done. well I really want you to tip you 10$ but I got only 3$ and I tipped it to you because the struggle is real! also 5 Start :D

Thank you so much <3

(1 edit)

Good game to spend a scary time with everything dark, perfect environmental sounds and several very explosive endings.

I found it entertaining to play it for those nice 30 minutes with no idea what I would find, if this continues, I will definitely be here :D

Great game NISHAD, greetings from LATAM

If you make a game in english you should have some english first language play testers to make sure its perfect, english is hard and annoying there's a lot of errors here, great other than that keep it up !

HELLO!, I just played your game LAST NIGHT…

Honestly I like the game, the game IDE, the quality of the graphics, and the Sound Effects I like all of that, BUT a few things I don’t like, like the controls are stubborn, like in the game I’m told to press the E button but when I press like I have to press it a few times, I don’t know what a BUG is, what a FEATURE but I don’t like it, I feel like I have to hit my KEYBOARD, and also I found some BUG in this game, I can’t explain it here, please watch if you’re interested =)

But I still like this game, I’ve finished it BUT I can’t find the 2 endings

That’s all, please watch if interested =)

I played it first and bought the bundle right away.

really enjoyed the game!

Fun little game, good work :)

Nice short indie horror game, there is something wrong with the elevator though, you should check it out! I had some problems with it, I did left it on this video so you can understand it better!


Horrible spelling in the game.. my god. Totally breaks the immersion.


I'm sorry to hear that because of my bad English.But now I've all the documents of sentences and we'll fix it in the new upcoming update v1.2.

Theres a glitch when i click the button and exit the elevator quickly... Still 10/10 game, good insults 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🥹

Thank I'll fix it in the v1.2 Update :)

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